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"The Almost Unbelievable Story of The Most Advanced Muscle Building Technology Ever Created
And How It Was Rediscovered After Nearly
20 Years
Locked In A Box!!!
Takes the BS out of gaining muscle!
“PowerBuilding is incredible! In 9 years of training I’ve
never made such gains in strength and mass in such
a short time. I’ve gained 7 pounds and my waist
measurement is the same. It’s all muscle! Thank you
for sorting all the BS out of  training!”                     
                                                           ~ A. Dumaine, Canada
Excellence is the result of an intelligent plan relentlessly executed.
The year was 1996.

This was the magazine. Muscle Media 2000.

That was the promise...200% GREATER RESULTS!

The Program was unlike any training program ever created...Before or since.

PowerBuilding, the advanced computer training technology took old-school iron training to a new level, a new age, a completely new dimension.

Creating a Custom, Personal prescription for your optimal strength and muscle gains, fast.

Nearly 20 years has passed since PowerBuilding made—and delivered on—these crazy promises.

20 years since it redefined muscle building strength plans with it's ability to scientifically plan and manage muscle loads and recovery cycles

In the years that followed we delivered 1,000's of Custom Muscle Prescriptions with PowerBuilding. They were used by pro-athletes, celebrities, world class bodybuilders and powerlifters.
The Shockingly Great News...
PowerBuilding is Back! In limited runs...

For the years since I made my last Custom PowerBuilding program, I have been hounded by the fans. The people who loved it. Lived it. And the ones who never had the chance to experience the amazing system.

Below, you'll hear my story of why I stopped but for now the most important thing is I am making a limited number again! Yep... same solid, old-school system. Same advanced technology (yes, still advanced).

Now, with the help of the "internet" thing, the cycle time from your profile to custom program is down to a few days vs. the weeks it used to take.

And the price..
. now, it's not the hundreds or even thousands you'd pay for a fraction of this much personal attention from a trainer... in fact, it's only a few dollars more than I charged 20 years ago!

GUARANTEED: Yes, Guaranteed to produce results at least 200% better than any you’ve ever experienced with any training program.
The biointelligence technology stands as the most powerful, the most advanced, computerized training programs ever created. The BEST training programs EVER!

For each program is as unique as you...Asit’s built for you. No one else.   

What may be more mind-blowing is…

How this advanced training system, used by thousands with record success, could wind up—locked away in the “mad scientists” lab—for nearly 20 years!

It’s a shockingly rich story. I’ll tell you all about it in a moment.

This is the body and these are the muscles I built with the help and guidance of the system I masterminded and helped to create. 

It’s called PowerBuilding
PowerBuilding was the FIRST Ever advanced computer training technology… for creating custom, personalized training programs. 
PowerBuilding’s scientific training programs trained all manner of people, from world class powerlifters, professional athletes, elite bodybuilders and even the like of Sly Stallone along with dozens of Hollywood A-listers...

Before I share the story of PowerBuilding, how it exploded and why you’ve never heard of it…
Here's the Back Story...
Long before I was a household name, a world famous fitness model, best-selling author and all around good guy… I was an engineer… a thinker, a tinkerer… 

I love math and physics. And I love strength training.

Yet, I hated training people. I was never a great personal trainer although I was respected as arguably the best training program designer in the world.

I took training seriously, devouring nearly every book ever written. Including the greats, the classics many from the eastern block and titles like these… 
I came to understand every muscle in the body, the levers, the power, the strength curves… I mapped it all. Studied the human body strong like Columbus mapped the earth.
The $5,000 Training Program 
My passion... 

In these binders are 1000’s of pages of hand-written pencil on engineering paper notes, formulas, tables… 

As I dissected even detail and variable of training, I developed complex mathematical formulas to predict and manipulate the body stronger, leaner, fitter…faster! 

All on a quest to unlock the secret code to reliable, repeatable, and even perpetual gains. 

You see, for me to make a training program with the science, the time, the focus took me weeks, even months. It was a feat of great magnitude. 

Thus, there was no way I could create the sort of detail and accuracy that people truly need—that sets them free. Unless… I began to focus on creating the “black box of training”
The Black-Box of strength training intelligence would be the system I called PowerBuilding … in which I would build a perfect blueprint of any training program I could dream of.

It would define the micro variable of sets, reps, and even rest intervals. It could handle drop sets, super-sets, any training variable you can think of is accounted for.

It addressed the macro of days, muscle groups, even dictated and predicted training loads over time.

Quite simply, there is no training program that can not be precision engineered inside this PST System 5 (the ultimate version of PowerBuilding training systems)
Now, with this black-box model, I could spend months perfecting a program and not just make ONE custom program but rather define the program that could be customized, over and over.

This meant rather than you paying $5000 for one custom program, like Sly could, a custom program could be built for you for just a few dollars a day.


Because the program is built and held in the “black box” or System 5 PowerBuilding.And when your personal information—your strength data and profile—goes IN out comes your custom program… Perfect every time.

And when I say your custom program… I mean complete…(see below) 
"Clear Vision Precedes All Good Action"
You don’t just get a map of sets and reps… 

You get the complete and total precision. Every rep of every set, every day… You know exactly what to do.You know the weight… the reps even just how long to rest.

And trust me… THIS is ALL the difference. 

Think about it… 

When you can see what difference this prescription level training makes you may be pissed! 

For you realize that you’ve been duped for years. Treated with general disdain by all who’ve given you these generic “do this” map as if it were enough.. Look at this typical training plan from a very popular training “system” that millions have invested in:
Unfortunately, this is what we’ve been forced to tolerate for decades… It's confusing. It's 1973 gym teacher crap.

Yes, it’s “lather, rinse repeat,” for 12 weeks. Have fun!
Most generic programs are like giving the Apollo astronauts a picture of the moon and telling them, “Go there.” 
The truth is that even the best trainer can’t create a detailed plan for periodization like  PowerBuilding does. She can’t possibly make the precise gauge of every calculation that needs to happen.  It’s simply not humanly possible.

The Problem with Generic Plans

There are few very important benefits that come from this sort of precise training prescription.Some are obvious… the ease, the focus, the flow, the accuracy, the

Another truly magical—a game changer that I did not see coming.

Consider the generic programs: Rather than a detailed map of how to get to your goal, they are a general description—a guide of sorts. Sets, reps and boxes for you to fill in. Some will get “detailed” and say, “do 8 reps at 70% and then 6 at 90%”

                 (See Example of this general illusion of guidance below)
Ok… Sounds good, you think.

Then… you think, “What the hell is 85%?”

What does that really mean?  Do you mean “100% of my 8 rep max which would be something near to 85% of your 1 RM (rep max)?"

Or do you mean 85% of your 8 reps would which be pretty damn light.

How do you decide what 85% is...or 70% or 90%?

You sort of think, lighter, med or heavy… right? That’s all we have: light, medium or heavy. It’s less a program training variable than a T-shirt size.

When all else fails (which is always does) we just go for all our effort and work ourselves to the edge.
Typical Generic Programs...
  • Tell you “do something sort of like...”
  • Leaves you guessing and uncertain
  • Disrupts focus, drains willpower
  • Promotes constant state of over-training

PowerBuilding Training Systems...
  • Shows you exactly what to do
  • Frees you to focus on training, no guessing
  • You check off success : Success begets success
  • Keeps you fresh, flowing & growing

PowerBuilding Changes Everything.
You aren’t left guessing... in the gym “thinking.” Your assignment is 100% crystal clear with absolute precision. No problem solving required.

For, when PowerBuilding calls for 67% of a max for a set number of reps, it does all the computations. The conversion formulas are inside the system—not your head—and it comes to understand your strength curves, how to go from a 10 rep max to a 3 or 1 rep max.

You simply DO—follow the precise numbers. You have no math, no guessing, no complexity to assimilate.  It doesn’t say, “do this and think about it…” it says,

                      bench press = 225 x 8 and then says, rest = 90 seconds

And guess what? You just do it… and magic happens!
With this sort of precision, PowerBuilding takes the thinking out and the guess work and does something that you can not do alone
WHY THIS MATTERS SO MUCH: Recent research has shown that your much coveted willpower is a finite resource.  It is used up, depleted, by thinking and making decisions. Thus, when you have to compute your training during your workout, you are also depleting your resources and mental energy that would otherwise keep you focused and on task. With PowerBuilding you are free to focus and reserve your strength for willpower to succeed and eating well after your awesome workout! 
PowerBuilding Manages Your Intensity
And Maximizes Your Recovery
It dictates the load of your training, applies various precision methods of periodization, optimal training zones without you needing to get inside the details.

You do what it says and what this means is…

This deep precision does the work by maximizing and leveraging the natural flows and strengths of the body to keep you growing and fresh. Recovering and challenged.

So, rather than being pushed to your limits endlessly reaching for new Max's every day; you step into an ever flowing experience that is nothing short of magical…

Poetic, purposeful, inspiring and potent.
As you can see, behind the scenes—inside the black box—there is a lot going on. The detail in the system, the power is really quite a sight to behold…

What’s great about that for you is that it’s not your problem… it’s all put to work for you so you don’t have to think about it…

You get the prescription, the benefit and none of the burden.

It’s really quite the deal…
How I Discovered the Most Magical
Power of PowerBuilding

As absolutely staggeringly masterful as all the science behind and inside this system is… as precise and perfect as it can be…

The most magical thing about PowerBuilding is not inside the black box… but inside

it took me years to fully realize that while I had and did build an awesome tool it did something more than I could have ever planned…
PowerBuilding System 5 produces reliable, remarkable results… Why? Because it’s smart, precise, accurate and complex?

Yes and more so, because it does something magical

It produces belief…
This is one of the commercials created for our EAS line during the peak of the PowerBuilding days. Fun times... and actually, pretty damn good commercial spot! Right...
YES belief…

Over the years of creating programs this became stunningly clear to me. It works through the power of embedded commands.

When you set out to train “yourself.” To push a new limit, to challenge yourself, you will be subject to an inner dialogue that challenges you.

It’s our voice of defiance, of fear of failure. We try to talk ourselves down. To accept less.
We dismiss our own best advice.

This is the nature of the human condition.

Ah… but when you are assigned a very specific and clear objective by a power  outside yourself. In this case, a PowerBuilding system, something magical happens.

You do it.

Your mind doesn’t engage an argument with itself; it doesn’t debate: Should I, or not?
It doesn’t let you start make excuses or doubt yourself.  It’s in black and white and you do.

It’s this doing that is magical…

Success Begets Success

Belief is the most magical of powers. It is strengthened and deeply encoded by the repeated success, the rep after rep, and set after set.

Every set is a success that strengthens your belief and your unconscious strength to step into the next set stronger. You do thing you've never done because you are "told" to by the plan you trust. 
And this, my friends, is the real miracle!
Your Follow-Thru and Adherence is Epic
Beyond the sets and reps, your adherence to your master calendar—your training schedule—is stronger than it’s ever been.

You get into the flow of the training because you have a plan. You are engaged. You know when you are training, for how long. You feed off the certainty, the clarity.

The weeks, months ahead are crystal-clear, in black and white. You know that on Wednesday, 5 weeks from now, you’re training for 43 minutes, so you do.

You don’t make excuses or other plans.

You just DO.
Think about that for a moment… let it sink in.

Imagine you reaching your potential… and blasting right through every limit you created for yourself… effortlessly… It is truly something you must experience…

And doing it is truly where the magic happens. It is the domain of results.

When you, if you get one of these coveted programs, you will know why they are so sought after… so coveted, to revered, even after not being available for 18 years…

So in demand that I have literally received a request for programs at least 10 months a year for 20 years.
Why PowerBuilding Went
The Way of The Dinosaurs

PowerBuilding System-5 pre-dates the Internet.

Yep, true fact.

These powerful programs and all the passion and science they contain were set aside during the zenith of EAS… One day we were all working our asses off the make things happen and then next we’re riding a giant.

As things exploded, in hockey stick growth, there simply was no time to produce the PowerBuilding programs.

Keep in mind, the custom programs had no online element. To get yours meant you ordered, usually in the mail or on the phone. I mailed you the master book and the testing documents.

You then did your strength test and mailed me back the results. I produced the program them mailed it to you. Yes, that’s a lot of mailing. Right.

The wagon train model was a 4 week process. It was just too much work I stopped sending programs mid-1997; to the great disappointment of many.

Yet… never a day has passed that I haven’t heard or thought about PowerBuilding… I can’t tell you the times I’ve said, I know this is what I should be doing.

Advancing the Competition
Over the years, as the internet exploded, I became a highly sought after consultant to the fitness and training sector. I tried to help many other companies provide some helpful training tools.

I even invested in a few.

I knew the right solution and so wanted someone else to run with this, to get this, to see it. I kept assuming some smart person would figure it out.

They didn’t….

One after another, companies just missed it. The usual was people would build not a tool for setting you free in your training but rather make you a data slave…

I’d scratch my head, asking why I’d want to train for an hour so I could spend the next hour entering the information I did into a computer.

It was the silliest things. One by one they all died. As they needed to.

A Resurrection of The System-5
Years have passed I thought about PowerBuilding often. Nearly as often as I was asked about it.

About a year ago, with some great urging from some of my early clients, I dusted off the PowerBuilding System-5 (the most advanced version) machines. They ran like it was still 1999. Strong, clean, perfect.
I was blown away!

After all the years, the system was more impressive than I recalled.  The PowerBuilding system is truly amazing… the programs are a thing of beauty. And the programs that are built are stunning... In detail, accuracy, thought.

I find it hard to believe, truly.
Add 2 Inches Drop 3 Inches
Pack on 11 Lbs of Lean Muscle

What do you really want to achieve?

Are you for real? Stop thinking... stop struggling... stop waiting. Today is your day.

Be 1 of 20 who will get this opportunity this week. Do it now. My guarantee is you will be more than happy... You won't believe how much difference focus, drive and absolute clarity will make.
Your Perfect Training Prescription for 
Your Chiseled Lean Strong Physique
Act Now! 20 Program HARD Limit!
Now accepting the first 20 applications each week. This is a hard number. I invite you to the PowerBuilding experience by acting now. Zero risk. Do it.

An insane bargain! Consider you get an 8-week, masterful custom program that no trainer, not even I can do for the price of one training session. All for just $127. Yeah, seriously.

That's only $2 a day! Yeah way!

The 3 Programs being offered now are:

1. The Gold Standard 8-Week Variable Split System 2.0

Choose this if you have to think at all. It's the signature.

2. The Sly Custom VSS with more variety and other things Sly likes. I'm offering this for variety and fun!

3. The Original PowerBuilding 2-Day << For original customers who desire this classic hard-core program.

Get Your Computerized Training
PowerBuilding Prescription NOW!
NEW! STRENGTH for LIFE System Is Here! 
20 Program Limit per Week - Be Early Act Fast!
Secure payments through Paypal
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... take a moment to learn the history, read the story, see why people have loved the results PowerBuilding delivers for 25 years... and why Sly Stallone Raves...
Can I  I follow my workouts on my iPhone?
Can you? Yes.

Do you really want to? Is the most important question.

PowerBuilding is the most advanced training technology ever created. No question about that. Yet, it is still in it’s original form. It produces your prescription in a complex printer language that makes elegant output.

On paper! Yep… paper. Personally, I love this. For it is all about simple, about focus.

Of course you can send this PDF print format to your phone and read it in an app but I am encouraging you and every one to go old school and leave the phone out of it. Use paper and love it.

Why limit to 20 clients a week? 
The resurrection of PowerBuilding is in process but for now it’s still run by the same technology platform that is was 20 years ago. That means there is some handling and processing required, even with the streamlined online entry and such.

And with the demand being what it has been, I don’t dare open the doors too wide. It’s likely to blow a good thing up.

My best advice is to get on the wait-list and receive the early notices each week when the doors open.

Do you do bodyweight workouts or Crossfit ? 
Ah, yes… that. Well, the great power of PowerBuilding is in it’s flexibility. I can literally design anything in this system. I can set up parameters on any machine, any exercise. It’s all possible and much of it is there.

Yet, I have not spent great time building bodyweight programs. Not that I won’t or someone who uses the tools—when it’s out there for expert use—will, of course. Yet, for now it’s focus is strength training with the classic tools of the trade: barbells, dumbbells and machines.

It’s really about training strength with iron for people who want to gain muscle and strength… fast. If that’s not you. Fine but I’d suggest you don’t try PowerBuilding then.

Can I get Body for LIFE or Strength for LIFE Plan? 
As you may recognize, when I created these programs and this system, PowerBuilding, Body for Life as not even born yet. It was not even an idea. Ironically, it is the early PowerBuilding training plans which can be credited with the inspiration for the plan that became Body for LIFE.

Now, that's a longer story but for the moment, I am happy to announce that I have put both BFL and my Strength for LIFE plans into the PowerBuilding system so you can have your cake and eat it too. Whatever that means...
How long does it take from order to starting my program? 
When you place your order—assuming you are one of the first 20 in—you will see a video explaining the process of providing the information needed to produce your program.

In this video you’ll see the schedule and the complete process—for there are a few things I will need from you. You can expect to start your new, custom program within 14 days of order.

In the meantime, focus on wrapping up and recovering well.

How many different training programs are in PowerBuilding System 5? 
Due to the wagon-train delivery model of 20 years ago, I could only offer a program, or two. I think on one form I listed 4 or 5 options. But those were hard to manage.

This is a bummer as the system currently holds over 100 programs I’ve built. Nearly everything you can imagine from German Volume training to very heavy duty strength to specific athletic training and pre-contest cutting phases.

I even recently added a custom program for Strength for LIFE, and there is a Body for LIFE one, of course.

For now, I’m going to keep the offering simple and focused with these 3 programs. As the doors open and technology becomes more integrated, ultimately they will all be online for your enjoyment.

What is the Variable Split-System
The Variable Split System (VSS) of training is the pinnacle of the PowerBuilding training sytems and really became it's most successful and well known system.

Inspired by considerable research and the specific work of Dr. Fred Hatfield, the Variable Split System targets your training, load and intensity, to match the ideal period for super-compensation, for each muscle group--independently.

What the advanced research has come to show is that our muscles recover at different rates based on the volume of muscle damage. A great example of this might be in the legs vs. arms. Consider when your legs will typically reach peak post-training soreness. The next day, some but peak is usually 48 hours. Where as a brutal biceps workout will have you sore before bed that day. And healing tomorrow.

Typical programs are suboptimal for all muscle groups, except one. Which one varies by plan. The result is you are either overtraining or undertraining most your muscles and missing the optimal peak training window.

The technological advancements of PowerBuilding allow for this specific targeting of muscles so that  you can hit the muscles with the exact load at the precise time for maximal muscle hypertrophy.
I am Shawn Phillips...

And this is PowerBuilding... The Most Advanced Custom Strength Training System on Planet Earth

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