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By Popular Demand... Enjoy The Timeless Wisdom and Motivation of The MM2000 Monthly Audio Series Digitally Remastered!
(Includes Over 6 Hours with The Guru Dan Duchaine)
The MM2000 Audio Series continues to be some of the most sought after info from the golden era of muscle
"Like a time machine these amazing interviews transported me instantly back to the golden era... I felt like a kid again." 
"It's like a blast from the past that 
came in a time capsule from the future."
Extreme Muscle Building
Discover the Mentzer archives with his hard driving Heavy Duty training that was adopted by Mr. O Dorian Yates. And many other muscle building training experts and strategies including PowerBuilding.
The Guru Speaks
Decades after his sudden passing The Guru, Dan Duchaine continues to be one of the brightest minds and innovators in muscle building. Hell, he was decades ahead of the Keto movement. 
Over 6 hours of solid GOLD!
You're Gonna Feel This!
This was an era of rapid innovation and discovery. Learn about supplements, the science, the birth of creatine and stuff you have long forgotten. Also nutrition, eating for lean muscle, and many other experts on mind over muscle and the physique.
A ZEN of STRENGTH Celebration